The China section of the Trip:

Leave Seattle via Hainan Air Flight 496 2:00 pm August 5th Arrive Beijing August 6th 4:00 p.m. non-stop
Meet Catherine lu at airport.
Tour Beijing at night.

August 7th.  Day tour of Beijing. Bullet Train to Tianjin.
August 8th.  Claim Olivia !!!!!!!
August 9th.  Officially accept Olivia.
August 10th. Bullet train to Beijing. Tour Great Wall with Catherine Lu.
August 11th. Complete Olivia's provincial paperwork to make it official and then some Peking Duck at Quanjude!
August 12th. Flight to Nanning the same latitude as Vietnam, Bangladesh, and India.  Bet it is hot there.
August 13th and 14th we are being lazy and not planning anything. Hmmm. wonder if there are any Vietnamese restaurants in town.
August 15th.  Get Luke !
August 16th. Accept luke. In China, you test drive your child for 24 hours when adopting to make sure they are acceptable. Yes, some people bring tchildren back we are told. How abomnible.
August 18th. Complete Luke's provincial paperwork.  The province would be roughly equivalent to one of our states.
August 19th. Travel to Guangzhou.
August 22nd. Children's physical. They cannot leave the country if ill.
August 24th Final Paperwork.
August 25th.  U.S. Consulate for the swearing in ceramony, visa's for the children. No photo's allowed in there. We could be terrorists.
August 26th. Flight from Guangzhou to Beijing.
August 27th.  Headed home arrive Birmingham flight 1904 at 4:20 p.m.  Lots of joyful crying and hugging!
Welcome home children and meet your new brothers and sisters.